Bar Information

Estimate 1 drink/person/hour

Not everyone will drink that, but most will and some will drink more, some not at all. This includes all drinks. You will want to profile your guests and determine what you think they will mostly be drinking. The amount of time drinking is approximately 5 hours. So use the estimation of 5 drinks/ guest.

Cocktail Hour is held around the pond garden and lasts between 1.5 – 2 hours. We generally serve a selection of wines – 2-4 total, a specialty cocktail, and keg beer. * Please limit the amount of kegs used at the pond bar. Everything will be moved down to the Apple House for dinner, and multiple full kegs is difficult to move and also makes the beer quite foamy. It is fine to get a few cases of specialty bottled beer, but we ask that you use mostly kegs in order to reduce the amount of recycling. A recycling surcharge may exist if excessive recycling is accumulated.

Here is a link to a calculator that will help you estimate the cost and quantity of alcohol:


Cocktails – Estimate 1.5 cocktails/person

Liquor: 1.5 oz./drink + Mixer: 2.5 oz./drink


1 handle of liquor = 60 oz. ~ 40 drinks

1 liter of liquor = 34oz ~ 22 drinks


Cocktails for 100 guests during cocktail hour:

150 drinks

4 handles of liquor

6 half-gallon cartons or 11 liter bottles of mixer



Beer – Estimate 1 beer/hour/beer drinker

Keep in mind; most people will have a cocktail or two and maybe a glass of wine with dinner. So even heavy beer drinkers may not only be drinking beer!

Served in 16 oz. pint glasses

“Half barrel” = full keg – 15.5 gallons ~ 150 pints

“Quarter barrel” = pony keg – 7.75 gallons ~ 75 pints


1 keg is generally enough for 75-100 guests. You may want an additional pony keg as back up if your group is a heavy beer drinking crowd.


Wine – Estimate 1 glass/hour/wine drinker

During cocktail hour and hot summer days more white wine is drunk. Red wine is primarily served at dinner. You can estimate ¾ – 1 full bottle of wine/ wine drinker (which is estimated to be approximately ¾ of your guests.



12 bottle in a case

5 glasses in a bottle

60 glasses in a case

For 100 guests approximately 8 cases total



12 bottles in a case

6 glasses in a bottle

72 glasses in a case

For champagne toast for 100 guests approximately 1.5 cases