Day of Coordinating for 2018


Basic Day Of Coordination

For simpler weddings and guest count under 120 guests


Initial meeting: Phone, Skype or FaceTime Meeting in the Winter: Jan.01 – March 01, 2018- 1 hour

Spring Site Visit at the Farm: May 12, 2018 – 3-4 hours

Final Details Meeting:  Phone, Skype or FaceTime Meeting – 1-2 hours

Friday Before: Rehearsal of Ceremony and Decor drop off- 1 hour

Wedding Day: 1 Coordinator on site 10 hours to direct vendors, facilitate the set up and clean up and keep everything on time during the event. 1pm-11pm

Email: Unlimited

Face to Face Meeting: $100 for 1.5 hours

Additional Skype or Phone Meeting: $50 for 1.5 hours

Additional Wedding Day or Rehearsal Day Set up Time: $150/ hour

Additional Fee of DIY Ipod Handling: $150


This package is designed if you are using vendors: Cake delivery and set up, Florist doing set up, DJ/band, Wedding Planner… The main function of this package is directing your vendors and maintaining the timeline during the event. If you have more than 4 vendors, an Added Assistant is needed to help in directing vendors as well as implementing the decor set up.

With this package, we set up the dining room: tables, chairs, place settings, set out your table chart and the welcome area.

*An Added Assistant is required if you have a guest count of over 120, elaborate table chart which requires arranging, escort cards, flowers that need to be moved from ceremony to Apple House, bite size desserts that need to be arranged and set out, heavily decorated tables…

Added Assistant

For DIY brides, larger, more elaborate weddings and weddings over 120 guests

Additional Wedding Day Assistance Needed 

additional $150

*Assistants are necessary if your guest count is over 120 guests, more than 4 or 5 vendors, large bridal parties, lots of decor details including escort cards, bite size dessert displays,  furniture moving and areas of extra setup. 

Assistants allow for plenty of time to set up, style and direct all parties involved- the serving staff, farm staff, vendors and wedding party.

Assistants are needed  for weddings where there are more than 4 or 5 vendors i.e ceremony musicians and a band for the receptions, cake and gelato cart, videographer, photo booth and photographer, etc… It is important for me to have enough time to set up and direct all the vendors to the appropriate areas. The more people involved, the more organizing time it takes!

If you are having a DIY wedding: friends brings pies/cake/ desserts, bite size desserts to be put on display, iPod reception dancing, DIY flowers, photo displays, arrange your elaborate seating chart…Any and all of these items take up extra time outside of the normal set up time and require additional help. With the Basic Day Of Coordinating package, we only have enough time to set up the main dining room and the welcome area. If you are anticipating other areas of decor an assistant is required.


Here is a condensed list of some of my team’s wedding day duties


-Direct vendors to the appropriate areas – Cake to cake table, DJ to set up pa for ceremony and set up in Apple House, band to set up in ceremony area and Apple House, florist to deliver the flowers to the tables- boutonnieres and corsages to cottages and carriage house/ decorate the ceremony area, photographer check in and site overview, hair and make-up to the cottage, direct beer and wine deliveries to appropriate bars, as well as timeline debriefing and constant communication for any changes.

-Set up of welcome/ gift table with guest book, programs, any activity you have created.

-Layout and set up the Apple House tables and table settings

-Seat guest before the ceremony is to begin

-Mic the officiant

-Cue musicians/DJ for the ceremony

-Organize the bridal party, get the bride’s escort to the cottage to meet the bride

-Time the bridal party walking down the aisle

-Clean up the welcome area, move gifts and welcome table to Apple House

-Ensure the cocktail area is set

-Direct musicians to the cocktail area for music

-Clean up the ceremony area during Cocktail Hour

-Communicate with the kitchen and staff the timeline and ensure we all stay on track

-Make sure the photographer has taken Apple House details shots before we move guests down for dinner

-Set a ladder for a big group shot at the view point in from of the Apple House before dinner

-Cue DJ/ band before guest come for dinner

-Cue photographer for the group View Point photo

-Invite guests down to the Apple House for photo and dinner

-Help guests find their table based on your seating chart

-Invite your vendors to dine at the outdoor vendor table

-Let your toasting guests know their order and cue the toasting at the end of dinner

-Prompt the champagne service if toasting

-Prompt the vendors to be ready for the evening events: toasting, cake cutting, 1st dances, sunset photos, bouquet toss…

-Make sure a knife, plate and fork is set for the cake cutting

-Prompt the 1st dance(s)

-Talk to photographer about sunset photos

-Prompt the cake service

-Break down and pack up all decor you brought. Gather the items that vendors brought. All items are ready for loading around 10pm at the Apple House

-Keep everyone in the loop all day to ensure the timeline flows seamlessly!

-We are there to troubleshoot any problems that arise and slightly adjust the timeline in cases of unseen events occurring, as well as keeping all the vendor informed of flow of the day.


Please let me know if you have any questions about the packages. I am here to help!!